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24 Hour Charity Stream Roundup - Thank You

by DogBeatr, 347 days ago


On behalf of myself and my fleet, The Weekend Warriors, I’d like to thank everyone who made our event such a success. We set a goal of $500 dollars and we raised over $1,000 dollars for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

The support from the gaming community was outstanding. Thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you to everyone who also jumped in and played with us during the event. To everyone who watched. To everyone who returned at various times to watch. You all played an important part in our success and an important part for Sick Kids Hospital.

I sent a personal thank you to Mike Fatum and the Cryptic Studios staff for the generosity regarding the giveaway prizes. For those who won these prizes, I’ll be sending the contact info to them this week. If I need any further info from you, I’ll contact you through Twitch.

Our fleet takes great pride in telling people we are a family. I saw amazing support not only from our members, but the gaming community, the Star Trek community and the Star Trek Online community, and the members of The Weekend Warriors Ps4 fleet consider you all part of our family.

Thank you once again. It will not be forgotten.


Fleet Admiral, Weekend Warriors Ps4




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