Fleet Admiral (Owner)


Primary Ship: U.S.S. DogBeatr NCC-1007 E (Odyssey Tactical Cruiser)

Secondary Ship: U.S.S. Gotham NCC-4195 A (Yamato Dreadnaught)

  Fleet Admiral, Dave Doan, is one of Starfleet's youngest Fleet Admirals. At  the age of 7, after watching his father's abduction by the Borg and later his assimilation, Admiral Doan decided to follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps and enlist in Starfleet Academy's Junior Cadet program when he reached the age of 14. After only 1 year in the Junior Cadet program, Doan was transferred into the full time Officer program at Starfleet Academy after completing the entrance exam on a dare by his peers.

In 2409, during his first year aboard a starship and at the start of the second Klingon War, Doan became the youngest Captain in Starfleet at the age of 22 when his Commanding Officer was killed by Klingons during a survey mission on Risa 3. When the Klingon War came to an end in 2411, Doan opted not to return to Earth with his crew but instead to help divert the Borg away from Earth and to assist with the rebuilding of New Romulis.

In 2414, after the conclusion of the 2 year Iconian War, Starfleet promoted Doan to the rank of Admiral for his courageous and outstanding leadership during the Iconian War and was given his choice of any starship to command. Doan chose the U.S.S. DogBeatr, NCC-1716 E, Starfleet's new Odyssey Class Cruiser and newest Federation Flagship.

After forming relationships with other Captains and Admirals while providing leadership during various encounters, and continuing to represent the Federation with dignity, Doan was promoted to Fleet Admiral in 2426 at the age of 39, despite only serving for 17 years.

Due to the increasing threat of the Borg and constant tension with the Klingons and Romulins, Doan formed a new strike team fleet to handle any disputes and named it 'Weekend Warriors' and continues to command the fleet today.


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