Getting promoted within the fleet is optional. What you put into the fleet, you get out of it. You may be happy always being an ensign, or you really would like to have the Captain status. You may even find yourself wanting to be a Vice-Admiral (Admin). Promotions are based on time served with the fleet, activity both in-game and in the chat, and are reviewed by Admirals.


  • new member status
  • no access to the Fleet Bank
  • Term length is 4 weeks


  • Awarded at 5 weeks (4 weeks as Cadet plus 1 additional week)


  • Awarded at 7 weeks (4 weeks as Cadet, 1 week as Ensign plus 1 additional week)


  • Awarded at 9 weeks (4 weeks as Cadet, 1 week as Ensign, 1 week as Lieutenant plus 3 additional weeks)


  • Awarded at 12 weeks (3 months) after the completion of Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant and Commander terms served.

Vice-Admiral (Admin)

  • This is only offered to Captains who have been active in the game and the chat, have offered assistance to other members and have a good standing within the fleet. This rank is by invite only from the Fleet Admiral and in agreement with the other Vice-Admirals. **Please note..Not everyone will be an admin even if you meet all requirements. We need to keep a higher ratio of members to admins**
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