1. Do not disrespect fleet mates. While we are mainly an adult clan, we do allow certain younger players to join. Please be respectful and practice good online etiquette.

2. Raging or rage quitting is not acceptable. If you are not having fun, there are other ways to leave during gameplay. "I have to bail guys". Will work. We all get emotional, especially in PvP, but try to refrain from excessive swearing and yelling in chat. Be a good teammate. Repeated offenses may result in removal.

3. Stay active. As gamers, we do understand you want to play other games as well. Long standing members may be given some leeway. If you are "taking a break" let an admin know. If you get removed for inactivity, you can always rejoin later. We will let you know ahead of time if removal is for inactivity.

4. Disrespectful, abusive, offensive, hateful, sexist or racial messages in Band chat or in game will result in a warning/removal. We are striving for a safe fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Members are at various levels or new to the game. We can all benefit from each other.

5. Mic awareness. Please try to consider others in party with regards to background noise. We do understand that some members may have new borns or small children.

6. Streaming. Go ahead. We only ask that if you decide to record the chat audio, be considerate of your party members and inform them. Not everyone wants their voice to be heard and provide instruction for those who do not know how to turn off their chat audio from recording.

7. Members must not be affiliated with another fleet, even over multiple characters. We run as a team. Being a member of multiple fleets or trying to ask our current members to help start your own fleet will result in one warning followed by immediate removal.

8. Have fun! We can't stress this enough. At the end of the day, yes it's just a game, but games and the experiences are meant to be fun. Some members play other games and are part of other game clans. You may find yourself becoming part of a larger community should you choose to.

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